This body of work uses the basic constructs of medium and surface in an attempt to bridge the gap between life, memory, and emotional resonance. Thinking about time as an accumulation of moments  and movements, it seeks to create a sensational moment, somewhere between one instant and another. The tension between what exists and how it is interpreted is influenced by this sense of change. Nature and humanity interact both on physical and perceptual levels.

My work focuses on the abstract of nature, falling somewhere in the realm between realism and abstraction. Sensitivity to color and light allow the paintings to represent an idea of space and provide emotional resonance related to the subject matter. Shape and mark act as tools to create form and establish the space. The uncertainty of space creates a new world for the viewer to experience; memory plays a key role in this experience and the establishment of a sense of place. Each work seeks to capture an emotional resonance within a momentary snapshot of time. 

Medium is an investigative tool to reach a better sense of resolution of idea, and each choice of medium creates a sense of surface tension between what was and what is. Lines discover form in different ways that mark does, juxtaposing lightness and solidity, in an attempt to emphasize the versatility between movement and distinction that nature provides.